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GlobeMed at University of Rochester

We seek to further the movement for global health equity by mobilizing resources for Kallpa Iquitos, developing our own skills and knowledge, and acting as a bridge between communities in Rochester and Iquitos.

Kallpa Iquitos

We partner with Kallpa Iquitos, a grassroots nonprofit that uses creative programming and locally driven initiatives to help youth reach their full potentials and ultimately improve health in Pampachica, an area outside of Iquitos, Peru.

Rochester, NY

We work with Rochester-based community development organizations, promote civic engagement among students, hold events for our campus and city, and connect resources among our local and global networks.

"We are an empowered network of change makers who are confident in the belief that working together in partnership can and will make impacts larger than anything we can accomplish alone."

– Paul Vergara, '13
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Health: the most fundamental human right.

Health defines our capacity to survive and succeed. By focusing on the foundations of health, like clean water, access to education, and a safe environment, we can save and strengthen thousands of lives. We believe that the ability to live a full, productive life should not be compromised by circumstance, on individual or collective levels.

Partnership: rooted in community.

The members of a community, whether it be in Iquitos or Rochester, best understand their own needs and potential. Students are most effective as changemakers when their actions respond to voices on the ground. By building genuine relationships between students and community-based organizations, GlobeMed fosters the dialogue, collaboration, and mutual learning we need to tackle today’s complex global health challenges. We are in communication with Kallpa throughout the year to hear about their progress. During our summer Grassroots Onsite Work (GROW) Internship, several of our members intern with Kallpa to monitor and evaluate programs, build accountability, and develop new programs to be implemented in the coming year.

Youth Empowerment: investing in the future.

Young people have resources necessary to build a better world: open-mindedness, creativity, and energy. GlobeMed is a rapidly expanding network of 55 unique university chapters, each working towards an overarching goal. Through their involvement in GlobeMed, undergraduates across the nation develop the skills and commitment to become leaders. Likewise, Kallpa’s programming encourages disadvantaged youth to become leaders and role-models in their own right.


Established in 2007, Kallpa Iquitos strives to empower the youth of Pampachica to improve their community. Neighborhood youth groups are trained to identify the psychosocial risk factors that endanger the health and wellness of their communities, explore pragmatic long-term solutions, and work closely with other community members. Collaboration and analysis drive the interventions which our chapter support.

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The region of Pampachica struggles with youth delinquency, which often manifests itself in gang violence and substance abuse - issues which negatively impact younger children if left unchecked. Kallpa addresses these issues through diverse approaches, ranging from life-skills workshops to the installation of safety lights in unsafe areas. Many of Kallpa’s engagement programs take place in their youth center, which brings together children and young adults of discrete neighborhoods. It serves as a common area to congregate and participate in constructive activities such as vocational workshops, microbusinesses, leadership forums, and more.

Currently, insufficient infrastructure in Pampachica prevents municipal waste collection from servicing several neighborhoods. Many streets and waterways are filled with garbage, which has clear consequences for community wellbeing, in terms of both hygiene and morale. Kallpa youth recognized the need for change, and designed a program that would in turn support their youth center and invest in their peers. To prevent improper waste disposal, participants meet weekly to collect and transport garbage to a location where it can be collected by the city. The microbusiness collects about $1/month from involved households, which is used to cover utility costs for the youth center. We hope to increase the program capacity by providing the youth with adequate waste handling and transportation equipment, increasing advertisment for the program, and installing more waste receptacles throughout the community.

Kallpa Iquitos’s education efforts fall into two distinct categories: reproductive health and academic support. Reproductive health education programs target youth over 11 years old, with the purpose of curbing Iquitos’s high teenage pregnancy rate (%). These programs are designed to be educational but not punitive or judgmental: for example, Kallpa staff lead youth in acting out conversations that educate and break the stigma surrounding HIV.

Academic support classes include after-school classes in subjects including English, math, and chemistry. They provide students with personal attention, textbooks and other resources, and a more motivating, supportive environment for academic success.

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globalheathU is GlobeMed’s education component. By hosting events, we hope to stimulate thought and socratic discussions where students can question global health theory and analyze applications. Our members continue to learn by participating in our weekly, interactive ghU workshops.

Community Building

Investment begins with human relationships. Community building is a concerted effort to strengthen relationships between our members and with Rochester. By volunteering with organizations, schools, and businesses, we explore our city through personal involvement.


With our deepened understanding and commitment to improved global health, our fundraising campaigns seek to engage our surrounding communities and mobilize resources for Kallpa Iquitos. These events occur on and off campus, and include our art gala and benefit dinner.

ghU: Cultural Relativism Debate

Our free public debate, co-hosted with the University’s Debate Union, gives both participants and spectators an exciting, informative look at a contentious issue within the world of global health through the perspective of youth. Last spring, the debate centered on cultural relativism. Students argued the pros and cons of universal distribution of family planning resources to developing nations. We discussed the implications of universal human and women’s rights as it pertains to Western involvement in foreign nations, and the importance of cultural relativism when assuming Western strategies around the world. Faculty members served as judges.

Community Building: Youth Engagement Network

GlobeMed works with the Youth Engagement Network, a youth development nonprofit in Rochester, to enhance education and curb delinquency among youth. YEN, much like Kallpa Iquitos, seeks to build life skills and encourage healthy lifestyles among the youth who it works with. GlobeMedders volunteer to tutor adolescents, providing after-school academic support and holding preparatory classes for the GED exam.

Campaigns: Benefit Dinner

Hope In Health, our annual benefit dinner, is an evening of inspiration, entertainment, and fine dining. This year, ‘Hope in Health: Youth in Action,’ recognized our partner’s dedication to youth empowerment and education by featuring a keynote address by Jim Maddison, president of Roc City Skatepark. While Kallpa Iquitos has established a safe, healthy setting for youth in its youth center, Roc City Skatepark hopes to combat issues of security and child obesity by building a public skatepark. Over 150 students, staff, and community members were able to attend and see the principles of youth engagement applied to different frameworks.



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